How to Cure Vitiligo and Restore Skin Color

Vitiligo Cure          Vitiligo is a serious and deforming illness. It is less so a disease and more of a malfunction of the human immune system. Vitiligo is characterized by complete pigment loss on the skin in different areas of the body ranging from small non-uniform patches to entire areas of the body without pigment. Vitiligo occurs when the immune system attacks its own pigment producing cells in the skin through an overreaction of the oxidative damage method the immune system uses to destroy things. As there is no complete cure for Vitiligo yet there have been some breakthroughs in research in the past decade. Follow these steps to attempt to fight your disease.

Step 1

Learn as much as you can about this deforming disease. This includes reading medical journals, researching articles online, and talking to people who have the disease themselves such as on online forums. Understand the disease first before you attempt to treat it so that you have a fighting chance.

Step 2

Green Tea AntioxidantsKeep the antioxidant levels in your body high. Recent research has shown that the antioxidant/oxidant balance of the localized Vitiligo skin patches is completely out of whack. In most cases the Vitiligo skin does not retain its ability to counter the oxidative effects of the immune system within the Vitiligo patches. As such, supplementing with antioxidants may help to prevent the body from damaging its own melanocytes.

Step 3

Vitiligo CreamTry a topical antioxidant cream on the Vitiligo patches. There are many products out there that are marketed to help add antioxidants to the skin.

Step 4

Vitiligo LaserWithin the last decade a Vitiligo breakthrough has been invented through the introduction of the 308 nanometer excimer laser system treatment. This treatment uses a laser to treat patches of skin with Vitiligo. The treatments are short, usually a few times a week, and have shown promising results in re-pigmenting white Vitiligo skin. It works by stimulating the melanocytes found deep within the hair follicles on your skin to multiply and spread upward into the skin.

Step 5

If you have Vitiligo, join a Vitiligo support group. These groups may have people with more experience than you in the disease. It will be helpful to get emotional support from others who share your same affliction.

Step 6

Keep up hope. As the years change more and more research is always being done into the disease and more treatment are being developed every few years. So if a cure does not currently exist it may be invented in the future.


Additional Advice

                   Sometimes Vitiligo can be confused with Tinea Versicolor fungus which can cause similar white patched skin symptoms. Have your condition reviewed by a dermatologist and have him run tests to prove which condition you actually have before you go about treating the wrong illness.

                   There are different creams and bronzers you can use to hide your Vitiligo when you go out in public and give you more confidence in your appearance.


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