How to Fight Against Breast Cancer

          Breast cancer treatment options can be confusing to the patient. Breast cancer is a disease that afflicts many women across the globe annually. It is a disease characterized by abnormal tumor growth within the breasts and the treatment options abound. Follow these steps as aids to help you in your fight against breast cancer.

Step 1

Early detection of breast cancer is the best option. So make sure you are keeping up with your yearly mammograms to help detect breast cancer before it has had a chance to grow too much. Also if you notice a lump in your breast that was not there before, go to your doctor and have them check it out. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Step 2

One of the most common treatment options for breast cancer today is a mastectomy followed by plastic surgery reconstruction. Mastectomy is the surgical removal of one or both of the breasts. This is the only way to ensure complete removal of the tumors within the breasts and prevent their spread to other parts of the body if they already have not done so. Once the breasts are removed plastic surgery is required to replace the missing breasts.

Step 3

Chemotherapy is another treatment option. Chemotherapy for breast cancer involves taking toxic drugs that attack the tumor cells themselves and force them to go through apoptosis, or self destruction. Some chemotherapy drugs can selectively target mostly tumor tissue so the damage to normal cells is reduced. Others damage both tumor and healthy tissues so many side effects to your body will be experienced during treatment.

Step 4

Radiation can be used to target specific tumors within the breasts. Radiation involves blasts of high frequency energy that radiate the tumor tissue and hopefully cause its destruction.

Step 5

Omega 3 fatty acidsAdjuvant natural treatment options for breast cancer can be used in combination with your medical treatments as designated by your health care practitioner. These include but are not limited to, omega 3 fatty acid supplementation, Vitamin D use, and exercise to boost the immune system.


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