Fight Against the Flu Naturally

Cure the Flu Virus           The Flu affects millions of people every year. Generally there are no cures for the flu. Vaccines work sometimes to prevent getting a full blown flu and sometimes they do not. The best methods for fighting the flu lie in boosting your immune system. Follow these steps to fight the flu without prescription medication.

Step 1

MultivitaminsTake a daily multivitamin. A multivitamin will keep your immune system strong and functioning properly. This will help you fight the flu once you catch it. Also when you get the flu, the cellular destruction that results from the flu virus multiplying will be easier to heal with the addition of a multivitamin to your regime.

Step 2

Fight Flu with ExcerciseStart an exercise program regularly. Exercising has been shown to boost the immune system as well. However make sure you stop exercising during the period you have the flu. Your body needs all its resources to fight the flu during this day to weeklong period. It is important not to waste your body’s resources on exercise during this period when the body needs all its energy to go towards fighting the flu.

Step 3

FruitsWhen you contract the flu, drink lots of fresh fruit juices. Buy the juices that are 100% juice without extra added sugars or preservatives. Fruit juice will offer many antioxidants and immune system boosting nutrients that will help you fight the flu.

Step 4

Research and explore off the shelf supplements that help boost the immune system. Zinc lozenges have been shown to boost the immune system during the flu. So have other herbs and supplements such as Echinacea and goldenseal as well as garlic. Be sure to do plenty of research on a supplement before deciding to try it and weigh the pros and cons as some supplements may interact with medications you are currently taking.

Step 5

Flu MedicationsIn order to try to reduce the symptoms of the flu, such as a runny nose, phlegm production, and fever try some over the counter medications. Aspirin is a popular fever reducer. There are liquid cough syrup products on the market containing guaifenesin which is an expectorant or something that promotes the expelling of phlegm.

Step 6

Cold Compress TowerIf you have a high fever from your particular type of flu, then a cold compress on your forehead may help reduce your discomfort from high temperature. Douse a small hand towel in cool water. Squeeze out excess water and place the towel on your forehead to reduce the fever. As the towel heats up re-soak it in cold water and repeat the process.

Step 7

Get SleepGet additional sleep during your flu and take plenty of naps during the day. At night sleep 8 to 12 hours. Your body does its best work while sleeping and uses this time to help fight off your infection.

Step 8

Hot Shower Boosts Immune SystemTake a hot shower or two every day you have the flu. A hot shower has been shown to temporarily trigger your body to boost your immune system.


Additional Advice

                   Try to quarantine yourself from your family and friends when you have the flu so that you do not pass it on to them. The flu spreads through particles that are sneezed into the air and attach on surfaces.

                   Be sure to wash your hands regularly during flu season to reduce your risk of contracting the flu.


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