Fight Diabetes Naturally

           Diabetes is a serious disease that kills many people per year. It is an affliction that proportionally affects more overweight and obese individuals. Diabetes interferes with the body’s ability to produce insulin, a hormone that regulates how much blood glucose is absorbed in the body. People with diabetes have high blood sugar levels and must reduce blood glucose level spikes. Follow these steps to help fight diabetes naturally in addition to taking any medication you might be on.

Step 1

Avoid Sugar in DietAvoid high sugar in your diet. Sugar spikes the body’s blood glucose levels aggravating diabetes. Lower or eliminate sugar and high fructose corn syrup from your diet all together. Foods with the natural sugar fructose like fruits are ok, as fructose has a low effect on blood glucose levels.

Step 2

Excercise program lose weightStart an exercise program to lose weight. Diabetes goes in hand with obesity. So fighting obesity fights diabetes as well. If you lose weight you may improve the severity of your diabetes symptoms.

Step 3

Wheat BreadEat brown rice and whole grain breads. Avoid white breads and white rice. Brown rice and bread are very low on the glycemic index scale which means they will have only small effects at raising your blood glucose levels helping to control your diabetes.

Step 4

Research and take supplements that lower your body’s blood glucose levels or increase your body’s production of insulin. This way you will be treating both the immediate and secondary effects of diabetes.

Step 5

Calcium PillsTake calcium supplements. Calcium supplements have been shown to cause the body’s fat cells to metabolize themselves. This will help you lose weight and fight diabetes.

Step 6

Join a diabetes sufferer’s support group or online forum. Speaking to other people who share your same affliction may be a good way to find other ways to treat your disease.

Additional Advice

                   Make sure you are treating your diabetes through your primary care physician and keeping up with all medical regimens. Also mention any kind of supplementation you are taking to your primary care physician.

                   Research diabetes information from diabetes foundations online. There are many groups that offer a vast array of information on the disease.


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