How to Floss Teeth Properly

Smile          Flossing teeth is an integral part of every oral health care routine. Flossing dislodges food from in between the teeth. If left untouched, this food can cause cavities between the teeth. Floss also removes plaque from in between the teeth. If left unflossed, this plaque will eventually form tartar which is impossible to remove without the help of a dental professional and special tools. Floss comes in different styles each suited for a different application. Follow these steps to learn how to floss teeth properly.

Step 1

Floss Purchase the proper type of floss for your application. If you are looking to protect against cavities between the teeth then choose floss that has is coated with fluoride. As you floss the fluoride will form a protective barrier between the teeth that will prevent cavities from forming. If you have wide gaps between your teeth you may want to choose floss that is thick. If your teeth are tightly packed together then you may want to choose thin floss. There are also flosses that are flavored; however these are more for novelty than accomplishing a specific goal.

Step 2

Floss twice per day, once in the morning and once before going to bed.

Step 3

Start by cutting about an eight inch section of floss. Wrap both ends of the floss several times around each of your index fingers. This is to ensure that the floss is tightly wound around your fingers so that it will not come apart when you floss your teeth.

Step 4

How to FlossStart by flossing the top layer of teeth first then moving on to the bottom layer. Slide the floss between each tooth slowly several times. Each time alternate moving the floss against each side of the teeth so that you remove plaque and food from each side of the tooth.

Step 5

Apply more pressure when flossing the teeth at the back of the mouth versus the front of the mouth. The teeth and gumline at the back of the mouth are much larger and stronger respectively. It takes more force to remove plaque from the back teeth as these are the main chewing teeth which mean they see much more food than the fronts do. As such they will get filled with plaque much more quickly.


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