How to Get a Great Tan

Tanning Bed          Tanning is a popular method to make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. Tanning also has other benefits such as Vitamin D production and mood improvement. Tanning can be performed naturally with the sun or unnaturally through the use of tanning beds. Follow these steps to get a great tan no matter what method you choose.

Step 1

Get adequate sun exposure. In order to keep tanning all throughout the year you must regularly expose yourself to the sun. Start with short 15 minute exposures, and then gradually increase your exposure time to 30 minutes then an hour at a time or more. As your tan darkens you will be able to withstand longer and longer exposures.

Step 2

Sun Tan LotionUse a sunscreen lotion that contains vitamins A, C and E to deepen your tanning. Vitamin C is used by the skin to accelerate the tanning reaction. Supplementing with this antioxidant can deepen your tan for the same amount of exposure time. In addition vitamin A is used by the skin to reduce wrinkles which can be caused by sun exposure.

Step 3

Use tanning beds in moderation to supplement your natural tan when sunlight is not available. Tanning with a bed is generally not recommended because of the accelerated damage it causes to the skin. However it can be used during months where natural sunlight is unavailable. Make sure to use the sunscreen lotion with antioxidants during your tanning bed experiences as well.

Step 4

Drink Extra Water for TanningDrink many extra glasses of water during the days you are tanning. Tanning tends to dry out the skin and you must keep the skin hydrated to retain its youthful appearance and prevent wrinkles.

Step 5

Aloe Vera GelUse aloe vera gel on your skin after a serious tanning session. Aloe vera gel keeps moisture in the skin and accelerates the healing rate of your skin helping to negate the damaging effects of tanning.


Additional Advice

                   If you even experience skin peeling from a tanning session you have taken it too far. Your skin should never peel from tanning. If it does you have damaged your skin too far.

                   When in doubt keep your tanning sessions short. This way you will build up a tolerance to sun exposure.


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