Hair Transplant Procedure Options

Hair Transplant Procedures           Balding and thinning hair is a concern among many men. Whether you are completely bald or just losing hair in the front there are many hair transplant procedures that can restore some of your hair and your self confidence. Men who have full heads of hair are more confident in their daily lives and perform better in many aspects of life. In addition women find men with hair much more attractive than balding men. Follow these steps for hair transplant procedure options.

Step 1

A popular hair transplant procedure you can try is micrografting. Micrografting consists of taking donor hair and attaching it to the balding area through micro surgical techniques. This popular technique results in good hair coverage after only one or two procedures.

Step 2

Laser Hair TranslplantsAnother option is laser hair transplants. Laser hair transplants work in a similar fashion to micrografting. The difference in this hair transplant procedure option is that it uses a laser to make the incision where the hair transplants are to be placed instead of a surgical knife. This method can be more precise but also more costly.

Step 3

Alopecia reduction surgery, also called scalp reduction is a more invasive surgical technique to take the place of hair transplants. It involves removing part of the bald scalp and stretching the part of the scalp with hair on it towards the front so that the hair covered area changes. This gives the impression of an increased area of hair coverage at the expense of thinning out the hair in the area that was stretched.

Step 4

Keep watching for hair cloning developments. A new hair transplant procedure being developed is called hair cloning. It involves using certain hair cells from another person that are multiplied and grown in a petri dish. These cells are then to be transplanted into the scalp of a balding person. This hair restoration procedure is still in its early development stages, so hopefully it will be available in the near future.


Additional Advice

                   Generally you must be in good physical health to have many of the above hair transplant procedures performed on you. Your hair transplant specialist will determine if you are healthy enough to undergo any of these treatments.

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