How to Wear Contacts

Soft Contact Lenses           Soft contact lenses are becoming a very popular method of vision correction these days. They are both comfortable and a great solution to nearsightedness, farsightedness, and other vision problems. Contact lenses require special care to keep them clean and free of bacteria and contaminants. In addition there is a process you must learn to be able to wear contacts and put the lenses in comfortably. Follow the steps below to learn how to wear you contact lenses properly.

Step 1

If you are right handed you will be installing your contact lenses using your right hand. If you are left handed you will be using your left hand.

Step 2

Remove one of the contact lenses from your case. Put it in your opposite palm facing upward.

Step 3

Saline SolutionRinse the contact lens with saline solution to remove traces of the cleaning solution that it has been soaking in overnight. The saline solution is much milder and less caustic to the eye than the cleaning solution.

Step 4

Now that the contact lens has been rinsed in saline solution it is ready to be installed. Place the contact concave surface up on the index finger of your right hand (left hand if you are left handed).

Step 5

While holding your eyelid open with your opposite hand’s middle finger slowly place the contact lens on your iris. A good tip is to use the middle finger of your right hand to hold your bottom eyelid down while using the middle finger of your left hand to hold the top eyelid up. This keeps your eye completely open as you try to install the contact.

Step 6

Repeat steps 2 through 5 with the other contact lens.

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