Improve Seniors Health

           Seniors health is very important to quality of life over the age of sixty five. Seniors who are active and fit enjoy a much better life in the last quarter of their time here. Good senior health can make the difference between enjoying your life and living in discomfort. Follow the steps below to improve your quality of senior health.

Step 1

Senior Citizen HealthSeniors health can be improved by starting an exercise routine. Since it is difficult for most seniors to perform strenuous physical activity it is recommended that they start a walking routine. Even walking up and down the block every day or every other day is a good type of exercise to get the senior’s blood flowing.

Step 2

Have your seniors start an outdoor hobby to help their senior health. An outdoor hobby such as gardening provides both light exercise to improve quality of life as well as give you exposure to the sun. Getting some sunlight every day will help alleviate depression and raise mood.

Step 3

Senior MultivitaminsMake sure your senior is taking a senior multivitamin every day. There are multivitamins specially formulated for seniors that have higher concentrations of vitamins that seniors are specifically missing in their diets. This will keep your seniors health at its optimum level.

Step 4

Go to a massage parlor or spa and get routine senior massages. Massages will work out the muscles and relieve tension in the body. Since many seniors are not active people getting a massage is an easy way to give the muscles a workout.

Step 5

Fish OilTry to eat several servings of fish per week. Also take fish oil supplements. Review a few types of fish oil or salmon oil to find a high quality product. Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to improve memory. Since memory declines as you get older this is a good way to improve your senior mental health.


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