How to Prevent Aids and HIV

           HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and Aids are some of the most horrific sexually transmitted diseases. HIV is the virus that actually causes Aids. Aids is a condition when the HIV virus has reached a certain stage in its destruction of the immune system. Suffice it to say they are one and the same; it is a matter of degree of progression of the disease when the name changes from HIV to Aids. HIV and Aids cause destruction of helper T cells in the body’s immune system. After enough immune system destruction has taken place it becomes more difficult for your body to fight off other infections such as the flu, pneumonia, or even cancer. The best way to fight HIV is still prevention so follow the steps below to help prevent against getting Aids and HIV.

Step 1

Abstain from intercourse. The only way to truly minimize the risk of getting HIV is to abstain from intercourse altogether. Since HIV is a sexually transmitted disease, meaning it is contracted through intercourse, abstinence can prevent the disease from coming into contact with your body in the first place.

Step 2

If the above step is not an option then you must use contraception in the form of condoms to help reduce the risk of the disease. Condom use during intercourse can greatly reduce the risk of contracting HIV, although not by 100%. Condoms have a certain failure rate, and it only takes one time with an HIV positive partner to contract the disease.

Step 3

Do not engage in intercourse with many partners. The more partners you sleep with during your lifetime, the greater your chances of contracting the HIV disease or any sexually transmitted disease for that matter. Since it is difficult to know which partners may or may not have the disease due to people misleading you or not even knowing for themselves in the first place, then you must reduce the numbers of different people you sleep with in general to reduce your risks.

Step 4

Do not sleep with a partner without knowing if they have HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease. This can be tough because of human deception. However, the longer you wait before having intercourse with a partner the more you can learn about him or her and their previous partners. You may even ask your partner to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases before you engage in intercourse for the first time in order to be sure there is no chance of contracting the disease.


Additional Advice

                   If you are sexually active, get tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases by your doctor.

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