How to Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis          Arthritis is a condition of degeneration of the joint tissues in the human body. Arthritis usually occurs in older people and increases in frequency as you age. It is primarily caused by damage to joint tissue from overuse and old age. Arthritis is not to be confused with the more devastating condition of rheumatoid arthritis which is an auto immune condition. Arthritis is a less severe condition that may at first only affect a few joints and then affect more as you age. Although there is currently no medical cure for arthritis there are ways to reduce the pain and strengthen the joints themselves so that your symptoms are reduced. Follow the methods below to reduce your arthritis symptoms.

Step 1

Yoga for ArthritisStart a stretching based exercise program such as pilates or yoga. Yoga stretches the muscles as well as the joints and increases the release of synovial fluid helping to further lubricate the joints. These excercises are one of the only ways to work the joints and reduce arthritis pain.

Step 2

Aspirin for ArthritisYou may use mild pain relievers such as aspirin to help alleviate the pain symptoms from your arthritis. However this is not a permanent arthritis solution.

Step 3

Anti-inflammatory foods for arthritisSupplement with anti-inflammatory foods. Foods that have anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the inflammation reaction that causes your arthritis. Many herbal teas have anti inflammatory properties that may reduce your arthritis pain.

Step 4

Use a heating pad or heating wrap on your particularly bad arthritis joints. These may include the knees or elbows. Heating the arthritis joints will relieve pain and stiffness.

Step 5

Try a supplement that has glucosamine and condroitin in it. Glucosamine and condroitin may help to reduce joint cartilage degeneration.

Step 6

Avoid cold climates. Cold temperatures are an arthritis sufferer’s nightmare as cold temperatures reduce movement and flexibility of the joints naturally so it just aggravates your arthritic condition. Also avoid cold temperatures in your house or apartment. Always keep the temperatures warm enough so as not to aggravate your arthritis symptoms.


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