How to Stop Headaches and Reduce Migraines

Migraine headache medication          Headache and migraine pain is a common cause of discomfort. Headaches can arise from many different triggers including the flu, allergies, dehydration, and others. The true cause of headaches and migraines is still unknown however many theories have been posited over the years including dilation and constriction of brain blood vessels, to inflammation and problems with the trigeminal nerve. Studies are being conducted all the time to determine what causes migraines and headaches so that cures can be created. Although there are no true cures there are ways to reduce headaches and stop them temporarily until they go away on their own. Read the ways to reduce headache pain below.

Step 1

Water for HangoverIf your headache is due to a hangover from alcohol the night before then it is caused by dehydration. The only way to cure this headache is to rehydrate your body enough such that the brain also becomes rehydrated. This can be accomplished by drinking several glasses of water. After a bit of time the body will rehydrate itself and your headache will go away. Incidentally this hangover headache can be prevented by drinking enough water after you drink alcohol the night before.

Step 2

Aspirin Headache and MigraineTry a mild pain reliever like aspirin when you first have the symptoms of a headache. Usually headache pain can be relieved through the pain relieving action of aspirin and acetaminophen. If the headache does not go away by the time the pain reliever wears off you may repeat the dosage according to the instructions on the back of the products. However if the pain does not go away or recurs often this may be the sign of a migraine. You may want to review several different types of pain relievers before you find the one that works for you.

Step 3

Supplement with white willow bark when headache symptoms arrive. White willow bark supplements have salicin which has been used for thousands of years to reduce fever, headaches, and inflammation. This chemical is similar to aspirin in its effects and was actually used to develop aspirin in the 1800’s. The headache pain relieving effects of white willow bark take longer to occur than aspirin but last longer.

Step 4

Cold Compress Reduce FeverUse a cold compress on your forehead if you determine that your headache is being caused by overheating. Sometimes headaches are caused by an overheated brain due to fever. When you have a fever, your internal body temperature including your brain’s can reach as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit or above. This heating can trigger a headache. Soak a fresh hand towel in cold water and hold it against your forehead while lying down. The cold water will soak up heat from your forehead lowering your brain temperature which can reduce your headache pain or eliminate it completely.

Step 5

Bend down on one knee as if you are kneeling on one leg. Sometimes this little trick can temporarily relieve headache pain by changing patterns of blood flow to the head. Usually with this trick the headache returns back to normal once you stand up.


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