Survive Food without Water

Survive without Food and Water           So you are stranded without food or water. There may have been some kind of natural disaster and you have run out of all your supplies. Or you may be lost in the wilderness and exhausted all your survival supplies. Well there are ways to procure food and drinkable water from your surroundings in most situations and promote your survival.

Step 1

Determine how much time you can survive in your condition without food. Humans can survive surprisingly long without food as their body will metabolize its own fat and muscle tissue to survive if you are starving. For a normal weight individual they can survive roughly four to six weeks without food. The more obese you are the longer you can survive without food. Depending upon how much stored fat you have you can live up to 20+ weeks without food.

Step 2

Survival kits Determine how long you can survive without water. Water is much more essential than food to survival. Water flushes out bodily toxins and is needed for heat transfer to regulate body temperature. In the desert a person can only survive two days without water but if it is cool out a person can last up to 10 days without water.

Step 3

Now that you are armed with knowing how long you can survive in your current situation, it is time to alter your situation. As long as there is rain in your local environment you can survive on water. Rainwater becomes contaminated as it runs along the ground or rocks or other obstacles as it falls. However if you use a container out in the open to capture rain water directly, you can drink it. The best method however is to boil first the water you have collected and let it cool before drinking it to kill any bacteria and microbes in the water.

Step 4

Spend much of your day in the search for food. If you live near a wooded area food is plentiful. It is a matter of doing the work to find or capture it where the difficulty lies. Small grubs, worms and critters are some of the most easily obtainable food in the forest. Search for such creatures under moist logs and leaves. Be wary of eating random berries that you encounter on the leaves. Some of them may be poisonous. If you are not familiar whether a berry is poisonous or not it is best to avoid it.

Step 5

Use anything at your disposal to trap and kill animals for food. If you do not already have a weapon, then you must try to create one. Perhaps a sharpened stick can be used as a makeshift spear. Although, this will probably take weeks of practice to use and be successful with.

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