How to Treat Acne Naturally

Acne Treatment          Acne is an unsightly problem that can ruin anyone’s week. Does stress make you break out with acne? Or does your diet contribute to your outbreaks? Either way there are natural ways to keep your skin acne free and healthy. Follow these steps to reduce the level of acne that you currently have or to prevent acne from forming in the first place.

Step 1

Acne Cleanser Wash your face regularly with a mild facial cleanser. One of the proponents of skin acne is oil that the skin secretes. This oil, along with dead skin cells can clog the pores and create a condition where bacteria becomes trapped and your skin inflames. A daily cleanser will remove the oil from your skin and reduce the number of pimples and blackheads that your body produces.

Step 2

ChocolateEliminate chocolate and inflammatory foods from your diet. Chocolate tends to make certain types of people break out with acne. Also a major proponent in acne is skin inflammation. By eating anti inflammatory foods including fish oils you may help reduce your acne problem.

Step 3

Green Tea AcneUse a facial cleanser or cream that contains green tea extract and salicin. These two compounds have anti inflammatory properties and will reduce any inflammation on your skin and face. As part of the anti inflammatory action of the green tea extract you may feel a cooling sensation after you apply this to your skin.

Step 4

Yoga matReduce the levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is the human stress hormone that is released during times of stress or apprehension. This hormone can cause acne breakouts in many people. Try to reduce your stress levels through various activities such as exercise, yoga, meditation, or drinking teas. Essentially whatever works for you to decrease stress on a daily basis can have positive effects on your acne breakouts.

Step 5

WaterDrink excessive amounts of water to reduce acne skin. Water is a solvent which dilutes and removes toxins from your body. Drinking extra water can reduce some of the toxin load on your body that may cause you to have acne.

Step 6

Do not break pimples. Breaking pimples may release oils and bacteria to the surrounding skin which may cause further acne to develop.


Additional Advice

                    If your acne doesn’t improve with these natural remedies after about 2 months, then you may need to seek more professional strength acne removal treatments.


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