How to Whiten Teeth Easily

Teeth whitening stains           Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic option that can remove stains from the teeth and significantly whiten them. In an era of perfect teeth through braces and teeth straightening, perfect teeth seem to be more and more the norm. There are many popular options out there for tooth whitening such as the bright smile teeth whitening system. If you are feeling self conscious about your yellow teeth then follow these tooth whitening steps to whiten your teeth easily in your own home without the use of a medical dental professional.

Step 1

Whitening ToothpasteUse a tooth whitening toothpaste. A tooth whitening dentifrice usually contains compounds such as anti plaque agents or specific tooth whitening ingredients that will lighten tooth color a few shades without the use of harsh chemicals. Each toothpaste brand usually sells some version of this tooth whitening product so you should look at several ones.

Step 2

Anti plaque mouthwashUse an anti plaque mouthwash. An anti plaque mouthwash is not the same as regular mouthwash. Anti plaque mouthwash specifically helps to loosen plaque so brushing will remove more of it. This makes teeth whitening through brushing easier because plaque which causes the teeth to become yellow has a harder time adhering to the teeth.

Step 3

FlossBrush, floss and gargle with mouthwash twice per day. The best way to naturally whiten teeth is to keep as much food and plaque removed from them every day.

Step 4

Use an at home teeth whitening gel strip product. Tooth whitening products that are sold over the counter at pharmacies and drug stores can be used at home to safely whiten your teeth. You may want to review several tooth whitening products. These teeth whitening products usually contain some type of peroxide in them which bleaches stains found on the enamel of the teeth, causing them to turn whiter.

Step 5

Soda Stains TeethEliminate sodas, coffees, and red wine from your diet. These products have a tendency to stain teeth. Eliminating these tooth stainers from your diet can significantly help whiten your teeth.

Step 6

WaterDrink 10 glasses of pure water throughout the day. Water naturally helps remove stains and particles from the teeth.


Additional Advice

                   Avoid eating berries such as blueberries and black raspberries. These have natural colors in them which stain teeth and will make tooth whitening much more difficult.

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