How to Get Rain Insurance


          Rain insurance is insurance that protects an event from getting rained out. Rain insurance can cover many expenses such as lost revenues from your event, ticket money, band costs, etc. Rain insurance can be customized to protect your specific event as well as changed for different times of the year. Rain insurance can be complicated to sift through as there are many aspects to it. Follow the steps below to get the right type of rain insurance and ask the right questions.

Step 1

Find a rain insurance coordinator using the following methods. You can search for a rain insurance provider on the internet. Try the yellow pages to find weather insurance. Usually rain insurance providers are different than standard insurance companies that offer other types of insurance. Many times rain insurance companies, also called weather insurance companies, are specialized into one type of insurance.

Step 2

Determine if your event can still be held if it is raining out. To what extent will your event be rained out? Some events can still operate under partial rain such as tented events. With these you may only need a lesser amount of weather insurance coverage.

Step 3

Figure out how much rain accumulation coverage you need. Rain accumulation coverage means how much rain will fall under a certain period of time. For example if you feel that it would take more than ΒΌ of an inch of rain over an hour of time to ruin your event then you can get rain accumulation coverage to handle that level of protection. Be careful because if you undershoot the amount of rain you need coverage for your event may be ruined without you getting any kind of compensation.

Step 4

Ask about rain insurance for crop owners. If you are a large crop or farm owner then rain insurance will be a different ball game for you. Rain insurance for crop owners can cover crop damage from excess water. This insurance can be expensive as it typically covers a larger amount of money due to damaged crop.

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