Find Cheap Motorcycle Insurance


          Motorcycle insurance is similar to auto insurance. Motorcycle insurance costs much less than car insurance on average since it costs much less to repair a motorcycle than a car. Motorcycle insurance covers all the standard insurance coverage including personal liability, property damage, and collision coverage. Follow the steps below to find quality affordable motorcycle insurance.

Step 1

Determine how much motorcycle insurance coverage you want for each of the options available. This means how many thousands of dollars of coverage you want for property damage, collision liability, and personal liability.

Step 2

Motorcycle Insurance quotesUse a search engine on the internet and search for motorcycle insurance quotes. Choose a few companies to compare motorcycle insurance quotes. You will be able to change coverage type through their website and see how much money it would cost to get your particular type of coverage. Make a spreadsheet of each of the insurance companies you received a quote from.

Step 3

Using the data you gathered in step 2 above, decide on the cheapest coverage available for the same motorcycle insurance options.

Step 4

You can sign up for motorcycle insurance with most companies now online. If you have auto insurance as well consider using the same company for your motorcycle insurance as your auto insurance. Companies will usually give you a discount such as 5% off both policies if you buy your motorcycle insurance and auto insurance with the same company.


Additional Advice

                   Be sure you have at least the minimum amount of motorcycle insurance required by the state in which you reside.

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