Disable Google Buzz


Laptop           So you have tried Google Buzz and do not want to continue using it. But you have no idea how to go about disabling the feature as it is enmeshed with your Gmail account. Do not fear as Google has a way for you to disable Buzz from your computer. Follow these steps to disable Google Buzz from your machine.

Step 1

Sign in to your Gmail account. Click on the link icon for the Buzz program on the upper left hand side to sign into Buzz. The Buzz icon is a multicolored icon above the starred logo.

Step 2

Once in the Buzz program look at the section of the page that shows how many people you are automatically following. Click on the link that says view and edit next to the number of people you are following.

Step 3

Click the unfollow button for everyone on your list. This will prevent anyone else from knowing that you email these people and that you follow them. This will minimize your presence in the Buzz community.

Step 4

To turn off Buzz completely, go to the bottom of the page. Look next to Gmail view. There should be several link options there. One of the options says turn off buzz. Click on the turn off buzz link. This should disable Buzz from your system.

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