How to Speed up your Computer and Improve PC Performance


          PC games require a lot of memory, processing power, and strong graphics cards to render all the graphics and run smoothly on your computer without hesitation or chunky graphics. If you are experiencing slow game play there are many way you can speed up your computer or laptop and improve pc performance to play your games at a faster rate. This is especially useful when playing on a network against other competitors internationally or across the US. If your computer is much slower than theirs the lag in your game processing can make you lose the round. If you are looking to speed up your computer and improve pc performance, then follow the steps below to make your gaming faster.

Step 1

You can improve pc performance for free by removing excess files and data that you don’t need from your hard drive then defragging your computer. The more files you delete from your computer before you defrag the hard drive the less data will be on the disk. This means that during any processing function the hard drive will have to read through less material to get to the desired files it needs which will speed performance. Defragging the computer will re index where the files are located on your hard drive for faster access speeds.

Step 2

If step 1 isn’t enough to speed up your computer then consider increasing the memory on your machine. Adding more memory to your computer can drastically improve its performance. Find out how much memory your computer currently has and how much the motherboard can support. Then purchase as much memory as you can fit onto the motherboard. Just adding another gig or two of memory will greatly improve pc performance.

Step 3

Install a faster and more powerful graphics card. A fast graphics card with a lot of onboard graphics memory will render pc game images and graphics much quicker and without distortion as compared to a standard on board graphics card that is integrated into your motherboard like most computers come with today.

Step 4

If your computer still isn’t fast enough then consider either replacing the computer processor or the computer itself. Its possible that your processor is just too slow for all the work and gaming you do on your computer. If this is the case you may be able to remove the old processor and install a faster computer chip if your motherboard can support it. If not it may be wise to consider purchasing a new computer if you old one is more than 5 years old to improve pc performance.

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