Improve your Website Pagerank


Laptop           Pagerank is the perceived value of your webpage. There are many factors that go into pagerank calculations. In general the higher the value of your webpage as determined by how many other websites link to it, its content, and the value it offers its viewers the higher its pagerank will be. Having a high pagerank is very sought after in the world of website creation because a site with a high pagerank will show up quite often in searches related to its subject matter. This can have the effect of drawing more traffic to a webpage and increasing the number of views it receives daily and monthly. Follow the steps below to increase your website’s pagerank.

Step 1

Write more quality content related to the subject matter of your website. One of the best ways to raise the value of your website and its pagerank is to offer your users and viewers exactly what they are looking for. Offer valuable content that does not have fluff or filler material in it. Valuable content will keep a user coming back for more. It will also increase the popularity of your website.

Step 2

Increase the number of links to your website from other web pages. These incoming links will each add value to your website and help to increase your pagerank. The higher the pagerank of the site linking to your website the higher the value that will be transferred to your webpage.

Step 3

Add images to your web pages. Images that follow proper guidelines and have good captions attached to them can increase your pagerank as well. Make sure the images you attach to your website are related to the content of the site and not just added for the sole purpose of raising pagerank.

Step 4

Use proper WC3 guidelines when coding your website. It may help to run your code through an online validator to look for errors in the code. Improperly formatted website code makes it harder for search engines to index your website and can also lower your pagerank as well.

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