Make Computer Faster without Spending much Money


Laptop          Computers like most other mechanical and electronic devices slow down and lose efficiency over time. If you have had your computer for years and it seems to run really slow lately there may be a number of problems. If your computer doesn’t perform like it used to and you cannot afford to buy a new one, use these steps to clean it up and make it run faster.

Step 1

Clean your computer on the inside by removing and blowing off all dust on the heat sinks, boards, and processors. Dust acts as a heat insulating layer which makes the computer run slower as the electronics heat up.

Step 2

File FoldersGo through all the folders in your Programs menu and determine if there are any files or programs that you no longer use and can get rid of. Delete these files and programs. One of the best ways to make a computer run faster is by eliminating unnecessary files from the hard drive. This will allow the hard drive to access other information faster. Once you have determined which programs you can remove, use the Windows Uninstall Programs utility in the Control Panel to remove those files.

Step 3

Defrag your hard drive. Most windows operating systems have a built in defragmentation utility found under the utilities section. Defragging the hard drive restores lost performance by reorganizing the files on your hard drive so that they are more easily accessible. This will boost your PC’s speed.

Step 4

Run some kind of antivirus program. Many causes of slow pc performance are viruses slowing down your computer. An antivirus program will identify and attempt to remove or quarantine those viruses. This will eliminate the problem and hopefully speed up your computer.

Step 5

Run an antispyware utility. Anti spyware utilities work similar to antivirus programs. The main difference is they search for and destroy spyware which is anything from internet cookies to malicious malware.

Step 6

Use a registry cleaner product. Registry cleaners analyze your windows registry to see if your operating system is running the way it should. If there are any problems it will attempt to restore them to normal. This can significantly speed up computer performance.

Step 7

Delete your internet browser’s history, cache, and cookies. These excess files significantly hinder browser and computer performance if they have not been cleaned for a long time.


Additional Advice

                   Do not download unknown files from the internet. Many of them harbor viruses and malware which may slow down your computer.

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