Make your Computer Faster by Upgrading Parts


Laptop           Computers are getting faster and more powerful every month. Labor intensive software programs are being developed all the time that require faster machines to operate smoothly on. Perhaps your old computer is just not fast enough for you anymore. If you are ready to upgrade your computer but do not want to buy a new one, never fear. There are many hardware items you can install that will increase the performance of your PC.

Step 1

Add more computer memory to your PC. Computer memory chips or RAM (Random Access Memory) is the memory that your applications use to operate at any given time. The more memory you have the more applications you can run at the same time and the faster your system will feel as it will handle the same amount of programs more quickly.

Step 2

Upgrade to a faster processor. Many computer motherboards accept multiple types of computer processors. Check your motherboard manual to determine if your motherboard accepts a faster processor than the one you currently have in there. A faster processor will directly increase the speed at which your computer handles information.

Step 3

Change your graphics card. Many computers come with small inferior graphics cards as part of the motherboard (Onboard Graphics). You can speed up the performance of your computer by installing a graphics card in an AGP or PCI Express slot on the motherboard. These graphics cards have their own dedicated memory and will not draw from the current resources of your computer to operate.

Step 4

Overclock your computer’s processor. There are a few ways to do this including increasing the front side bus of the processor. This can significantly raise the speed of your processor, however heat is a byproduct. And you may have to liquid cool your heat sink attached to your processor. This option should be left to the experienced computer tech, as you can damage your computer doing so.

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