Make your Internet Work Faster


          Is your internet running slower than it used to? Maybe you are having trouble loading web pages because of all the fancy Java and Flash applications commonly found on web pages these days. Your web pages might be taking a long time to load for many different reasons such as an overloaded cache and cookies folder, slow internet connection, or cluttered inefficient computer. Luckily there are many ways to get fast internet service these days. Follow the steps below to get faster internet service and kiss your old slow internet dial up speeds goodbye for good.

Step 1

Clear your web browsers’ hidden cache and cookies folder to increase the speed of your internet. Sometimes malicious malware can be downloaded by unwanted programs on the internet into your cookies and cache folder. These programs can slow down the speed of your internet and your computer speed in general. Deleting the cookies and cache folder regularly will keep your internet service running fast.

To clear your cache and cookies folders go to the Tools menu in your browser and click on Internet options, then delete your temporary files.

Step 2

Upload to the latest version of your current internet browser. You can get fast internet service by upgrading your current internet browser to the latest version currently available. Each subsequent version of internet browser is usually a bit faster than the last. So go to your internet browser’s main website to download the latest version or use the update utility on your current internet browser.

Step 3

Add more memory to your computer. Adding computer memory is the quickest way to speed up the service of your computer and can make your internet run faster as well if your computer speed is the limiting factor in your download speeds.

Step 4

When all else fails consider switching to a faster internet service provider. There are many options these days for fast internet service including dsl, cable internet, and fiber optic network internet. Each internet service provider offers different speed packages for each of these types at different price levels. Upgrade to the highest level of internet speed that you can afford within your budget.

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