How to Use a Digital Library


Digital Library file          A digital library or electronic library as it is sometimes called refers to a library in which all the information is stored in a digital format. Digital libraries convert paper library items such as books, magazines, and texts into digital formats. Sometimes these are scanned into digital formats. Other times the digital library has access to digital versions of the print books themselves. This is becoming more and more popular these days as technology is increasing because of the age of the internet.

Step 1

Use the digital library’s main internet page to search for the book or article title. Type in as much of the title as you can remember. A list of possible choices will show up. You may have to filter through these to find what you are looking for.

Step 2

If you do not know the name of the book or article but have the author name use the author field in the search form. The digital library will display all of the available books and articles written by that particular author in the results field that the library has in its possession. This information will only include results found in the digital servers of the library.

Step 3

When steps 1 and 2 fail you may be able to search the digital library by ISBN number. Since ISBN numbers are unique to each text this should be able to narrow down your search to one or two items.

Step 4

The way in which information from the article or book is released to you will vary between library and whether or not any copyrights have expired in the book. Some digital libraries may allow you a certain amount of time to have the digital book available on your computer without being able to download it before it times out.

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