How to Get Bird Pest Control


          Bird pest control is something you probably thought you would never need. However in certain situations birds can become pesky nuisances and need removal just the same as would troublesome insects. In fact the feces of many birds can contain diseases and bacteria. As such when they make droppings on buildings or around public areas contamination can be of great concern. Bird control can be a difficult process and should not be left to the non professional. Luckily there are professional methods of bird control that can keep those unwanted pests from ruining your buildings or events.

Step 1

Review bird pest control on the internet or search the yellow pages in your local city or town for bird pest control services. You should find a few different services to call up and inquire about their pricing. This way you will be able to select the best value for your price. Make sure you explain to each bird pest control company your specific problem, what type of birds you think are causing the problem, the average number of birds and any locations nearby that you notice they roost such as nests or in the sides of your home or business. Also inquire about the different ways in which the pests can be deterred.

Step 2

Understand the various treatment options. One popular bird pest deterrent method is a visual deterrent. This is akin to how scarecrows are used in the Midwest in crop fields to prevent the birds from entering as they think a human is there.

Step 3

Consider using ultrasonic sound devices or sonic deterrents. Sonic deterrents are recorded sounds that are routinely used in a field or area where there is a bird problem to scare the birds away. These sounds can be bird flee calls or predator sounds that will deter the birds from entering the area. By having these recorded sounds play at regular time intervals you may be able to keep birds away from your area. Ultrasonic waves are interesting because they are above the human audible sound range. These higher energy waves can be used to prevent bird pests from entering buildings.

Step 4

You can try taste aversion products which are pellets of food that the birds may eat with an aversive taste. If enough birds eat these pellets in the area you do not want them they can be deterred from entering that area again.

Step 5

Try bird spikes to stop birds from starting roosting spots. Bird spikes are thin wires arranged in a certain pattern made of polycarbonate or stainless steel for example. They are placed atop locations where you do not want birds to roost. For example on building roofs and crevices or sign tops. They will prevent the birds from building nests. This is a proven effective way of preventing bird roosting spots.

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