Get Silky Smooth Hair


          Silky smooth hair is a great way to complete a beauty package. Silky hair is a very sought after trait in women. Men like nothing more than running their fingers through hair that is silky smooth and soft. There are many ways to make your hair silky including beauty products, diet changes, and water quality. If you cannot seem to make your stubborn hair silky smooth then follow all the steps below to get rid of your dry hair.

Step 1

Get a shower filter to remove chlorine from your shower water. Chlorine in your tap water is one of the leading causes of dry hair. This little known fact that chlorine found in tap water dries out and damages hair can save you so much aggravation. Many people claim that using a shower filter immediately gives their hair a more silky feel within just a few days to one week of use. Make sure you purchase a shower filter that effectively remove more than 90% of chlorine in the water supply. There are several different manufacturers of shower filters so choose wisely. Shower filters usually use some combination of KDF copper zinc fines and granular activated carbon to remove chlorine from drinking water.

Step 2

Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair. Review a few different brands of conditioners until you find one that makes your hair silkier than the rest. Conditioners contain vitamins and enrich hair by soaking into all the microscopic cracks in the hair strands. This gives fullness to the hair increasing volume as well as making the hair smoother.

Step 3

Use a shampoo that is fortified with vitamins in it. It is best to lather with the shampoo and rinse it off first. Then use the round of conditioner. Do not use the built in shampoo/conditioners. They are not as good as applying a conditioner separately.

Step 4

Do not blow dry your hair often. Blow drying your hair causes excessive heating of the hair strands which can destroy them and strip all the silkiness and moisture from the strand causing more cracking. The more tears and cracking of the hair strands the less soft and silky they will be.

Step 5

Drink a lot of water and take a multivitamin daily. Water lubricates the hair shaft and makes hair silkier by lubricating the hair strands. The multivitamin will give you the proper nutrients to keep a strong hair color as well as hair thickness and fullness which will reduce cracks in the hair strands and make the hair smooth.

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