How to Get your Kids into Acting


          Kid acting has grown in the past decade with television more a part of everyone’s lives. Kids that have shown extreme talent from very young may have the potential to be the next hero of the silver screens. There are different ways to get into child acting, but some common themes can be followed to get your child moving in the right direction.

Step 1

Enroll your child in a kid acting class. Kid acting classes are prevalent these days. Find a kid acting class for small children and enroll your child. Kid acting classes will review basic acting skills to your child and give them the courage to act in front of other people. These will be integral in getting your child his or her first acting gig.

Step 2

Contact a few kid acting agencies. Let them know your child is taking acting classes and want to sign them up with an agent to look for potential acting opportunities. Now some child acting agents will have you sign a type of non compete agreement which means you are not allowed to use any other acting agent while you have a contract with them. Others do not.

Step 3

Use a few online acting websites that allow you to fill out a bio and profile for your child. Once in the system you will receive emails regarding possible acting opportunities that are coming around your area. You can then apply through these emails sending further information for your child to be considered for an acting job. At first these may be low level such as extras in a film. Take any opportunity you can get in the beginning so that you can add the experience to your child’s acting resume.

Step 4

Enroll your child in extracurricular activities that will enhance their acting and self expression. These include but are not limited to dancing classes, singing classes, and other types of acting classes.

Step 5

Consider moving to a part of the country where a lot of movies are being filmed to enhance your kid’s acting career. This may including moving to southern California where the movie industry started or moving to Massachusetts where many new movies and films are being shot because of the recent tax breaks and cheap prices for the film making industry in that state.


Additional Advice

                   Be careful of scam kid acting agencies that require you to pay a large up front cash sum in order to enroll your child in the agency and have pictures taken.

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