How to Ride the Miami Metrorail


          The Miami subway and rail system is called the Miami Metrorail. The Miami Metrorail is Florida’s only rail system. The Miami rail system has over 20 miles of rails and 22 stations to stop at.

Step 1

Riding on the Miami subway system is not too expensive. The Metrobus and the subway are both $2.00 dollars per fare. A rail to bus transfer is 50 cents and a bus to rail transfer is also 50 cents. You can buy a one month pass for $100 dollars or a 7-day pass for $26 dollars. You can get a college pass discount for $50 dollars.

Step 2

The Miami Metrorail has 22 stations about 1 mile apart each. Most Miami Metrorail stations have parking available with the exception of Tri-Rail, Civic Center, Culmer, Historic Overtown, Government Center, and Brickell Stations. There is basically only one line on the metrorail that has all 22 stations. It is a very simple subway system.

Step 3

The Miami subway system starts in Palmetto and go all the way to Dadeland South stopping at the following stops along the way: Okeechobee, Hialeah, Tri-Rail, Northside, Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, Brownsville, Earlington Heights, Allahpatah, Santa Clara, Civic Center, Culmer, Historic Overtown, Lyric Theatre, Government Center, Brickell, Vizcaya, Coconut Grove, Douglas Road, University, South Miami, and Dadeland North.

Step 4

Miami Dade Metrorail runs 7 days a week from 5 am to midnight. Trains run every 7 to 8 minutes during rush hour and every 15 minutes at midday. Trains run every 30 minutes after 7:30 pm and on the weekends.

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