Ride the Patco Philly Speedline Philadelphia


          The Patco Speedline is the subway transit system that runs between New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Delaware River Port Authority runs the Speedline. The Speedline runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The total line length is over 14 miles.

Step 1

The Patco Speedline has 13 station stops starting underground in Pennsylvania and running above ground into New Jersey. It only contains one line so it is not confusing to ride as the New York Subway for example. The Speedline begins at the 16th and Locust Street stop, goes through 13th st, 10th street, 8th and Market Street, City Hall, Broadway, Ferry Ave., Collingsworth, Westmont, Haddonfield, Woodcrest, Ashland, and Lindenworld.

Step 2

Learn the Patco Speedline subway fare system. The Patco fare system is a little bit confusing because fares are based on which subway stop you are traveling to so you need to know your starting points and destinations first. If you are heading to Philadelphia from either Lindenwold, Ashland, or Woodcrest the fare is $2.70 each way. If you are starting from Haddonfield, Westmont, or Collingswood the cost is $2.35 each way. If you are starting at Ferry Avenue its $2.35. Most New Jersey stations to any other New Jersey station is $1.45. Any Philly station to any other Philly station is $1.25 each way. Children under the age of 5 ride free on the Patco subway system.

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