How to Ride the San Francisco Subway BART


          If you are visiting San Francisco for the first time you will realize that it is very difficult to walk around the city. San Francisco is one of the hilliest most elevation varying large cities in the United States. Walking around the city will make you very tired as you will have to walk uphill for many miles. The city is so large that taking the public transportation may be one of the only viable ways to travel around in San Francisco. The public subway in San Francisco is called the BART. BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit. The BART subway system is a simpler subway system than the Boston or New York City subway.

Step 1

Purchase a BART subway card. There are several different types of BART subway cards. The price of a BART ride is based on the mileage or the distance to your destination. You must use the map and BART fare guide to determine how much money you need to put on your card. There are several different BART cards. You can get a Bart Blue High Value Ticket which will save you 6.25% in money. You can buy a senior citizen discount ticket called the Green ticket if you are over 65 years old. This will give you a 62.5% discount. You can buy an Orange BART ticket if you are a middle school student or you can buy a red ticket if you have disabilities and want a disability discount.

Step 2

Learn the basic structure of the San Francisco BART subway system. It has a red line, blue line, green line, orange line, and yellow line. The red line goes towards Millibrae or Richmond, the green line goes to Freemont or Balboa Park, the yellow line goes to Bay Point and the San Fransisco Airport in the opposite direction, the orange line goes to Richmond and Freemont, and the Blue line goes to Pleasanton. Many of the stops on the lines are far away from each other some are miles away. So be sure to review the distance on the map to budget your time wisely.

Step 3

One thing to realize about the BART subway system is that some of the stops do not run all day long. For example the red line only runs to Colma, South San Francisco, and San Bruno before 7 pm Monday through Friday. It does not hit those spots after 7 pm.

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