Ride the San Juan Tren Urbano


          San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico. San Juan is the financial and tourist capital of Puerto Rico. As such it has its own major subway or train system called the Tren Urbano. The Tren Urbano or Urban Train is San Juan’s subway or train system. The train system consists of 16 train stops. The train system was built in 2004. The Tren Urbano cost of 2 billion dollars to make and was created to reduce the huge traffic problem in San Juan. There is also a public bus system on the island of San Juan.

Step 1

The Tren Urbano has the following stops: Bayamon, Deportivo, Jardines, Torrimar, Martinez Nadal, Las Lomas, San Fransisco, Centro Medico, Cupey, Rio Piedras, Universidad, Pinero, Domenech, Roosevelt, Hato Rey, and Sagrado Corazon. There is only parking available at the Sagrado Corazon, San Fransisco, Martinez Nadal, Jardines, and Bayamon stops.

Step 2

The Tren Urbano subway prices are pretty cheap. You can buy a single fair for $1.50. The senior citizen discount is 75 cents.

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