How to Ride the Subway in LA


          You may be thinking that the title of this article is a little strange. An LA subway system? I’ve never heard of that you’re thinking. And you’ve been to LA. But it is true. Los Angeles apparently does have a subway system. The reason why so many people do not know about it is that typically Los Angeles is not thought of as a city suitable for a subway system because it is so huge and spread apart, many miles large that it is mostly a car city. It is unlike a city like Boston which is so small that it is almost exclusively a subway travel city and not a city conducive to driving a car.

Step 1

You can pay for your fair on an LA bus or subway train directly with cash. However you can save money by purchasing many of the different passes available to you. For example you can buy a day pass for $6.00 which is good for unlimited rides for that day. You can buy a weekly pass for $20 or a monthly pass for $75 dollars. Or you can buy an EZ transit pass for $84 dollars which is good for travel on both the Metro Rail and the Metro Bus.

Step 2

Learn the basic structure of the LA subway system. The LA rail line is quite complicated because it spans such a huge length. It is not just a rail for Los Angeles. For example a section will take you all the way to long Beach which is an hour drive away from LA. The best method to find your way around is to view the Los Angeles Metro website.

Step 3

The La Subway system is separated into the Red, Purple, Green, Gold, and Blue lines. The Red line runs from LA through Hollywood. The Blue line goes all the way from Long Beach to downtown LA. The Purple line goes from Downtown LA to Wiltshire. The Green line goes along through Redondo Beach and has access to the Los Angeles International Airport. Finally the Gold line rides from East LA to Pasadena.

Step 4

Some of the LA metrorail is above ground and some of it is underground. There is also bus service available for many areas within LA such as downtown. The Los Angeles subway system used to be huge before World War II then was slowly shut down after the war ended due to the popularity of vehicles and the creation of the huge freeway system. However in the 70’s and 80’s the population in Los Angeles county skyrocketed and so did the traffic. This required that the subway system be reinstituted. The subway received growth in the 90’s and into the 21st century.

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