How to Ride the MetroRail subway in Washtington DC


          Our nation’s capital also has a method of subway public transportation for getting around the city called the Metrorail. The Metrorail is the second busiest rapid transit system in the US. Only the New York subway system is busier. The Metrorail is also called the Washington Metro. The Metrorail has close to 90 stations and subway cars that are generally some of the cleaner of the nation’s subway systems. Follow the steps below to learn how to ride the Washington D.C. subway system.

Step 1

Smartrip CardPurchase a Smarttrip Card. A Smart Trip card or Smartrip is the most convenient way to store money for riding the subway in Washington D.C. You can save 20 cents per fare with the Smartrip card as well. There are kiosks at the subway stations where you can add money to your card. If you are a senior citizen you can get half off all your MetroRail fares by providing a valid ID.

Step 2

Washington DC subway fares are based on mileage of your trip with minimum and maximum dollar amounts set. For example, generally the longer your fare trip the more it will cost you up to a maximum of $5 dollars per ride. The minimum cost per ride is $1.60 . You can review out how much your fare will cost at the MetroRail website here.

Step 3

Learn the basic structure of the Washington DC Metrorail subway system. The Washington DC subway is separated into many color coded lines including a red line, blue line, green line, orange line, and yellow line. Many lines can travel a great distance such as 20 miles as the Metrorail covers a vast land area. Print out a copy of a DC subway map and review it before traveling to the city to familiarize yourself with how the subway works.

Step 4

There are too many stops on the Metrorail to go over them here. However there are a few places of note along the lines. For example Bethesda, Union Station, and Takoma are found on the red line. The green line has Greenbelt, College Park University of Maryland, and Columbia Heights. The Yellow line and Blue line both contain the stop for the Pentagon as well as National Airport. The best solution to find out where you need to go is print out a copy of the Washington DC Subway Map.

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