How to Ship Internationally


          The idea of shipping outside of the US is daunting and taboo to some individuals. But it is not that hard to do when you get down to it. There are a few options available to you. Follow these steps to get you items outside of the US.

Step 1

Weigh the package you are going to ship internationally. It is important to use an accurate digital scale because you will need this information to fill out the customs form. If you do not have a scale then the post office will mail the package for you and fill out that section of the form.

Step 2

Obtain a customs shipping form the Post office. This form has six or so copies attached to it so when you use a pen to write on it make sure you apply enough pressure so that all the copies become marked.

Step 3

Fill out the sender’s (your) address and the receiver’s address. Be sure to take special care with the ship to address as different countries have different styles of zip code or symbols for their provinces that may require a different style of writing than the US standard of Name, City, State, Zip Code.

Step 4

In the section that says Item Description mark the type of item you are shipping and provide a short description of what the item is. Be as accurate as possible as the contents may be inspected.

Step 5

Input the net weight and quantity of the pieces you are shipping if there are more than one in the box. The gross weight is the entire weight of the package, sealed with everything in it.

Step 6

Shipping popcornKeep the top of the package opened filled with any necessary popcorn and bring it to the post office so that its contents may be inspected as well as a copy of the customs form inserted into the box if necessary. The post office will give you the proper receipts and copies from your customs form.

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