Avoid Sunburn at the Beach


Sunburn tan          Sun burns are an unfortunate side effect of going to the beach in the summer. Sunburns are caused by excessive sun damage from prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Going to the beach in the summer is a great pastime and with a few steps you will be able to protect yourself from burning under the sun. Follow the steps below to reduce or prevent your sun burn.

Step 1

Avoid exposing yourself to the sun at the beach between the hours of 12 pm to 2 pm. These hours are when the sun is at its strongest and will cause the most damage from UV rays. Try to avoid the sun completely between those two hours. Your risks of sunburn will go down dramatically by avoiding the sun at this time.

Step 2

High SPF sun tan lotionUse a very high SPF sun tan lotion at the beach. Use an SPF of 60 or higher for maximum sun burn protection. Apply this lotion several times during the hours that you are out at the beach exposed to the sun. High SPF lotions will prevent a lot of UV damage and reduce sunburns.

Step 3

Drink water for sunburnDrink many glasses of water before, during, and after your trip to the beach. Water hydrates your damaged, sunburned skin. Moisture in the skin combats wrinkles and can help reduce or counteract the sun damaging effects of beach exposure.

Step 4

Use a beach umbrella to lay under while you are at the beach. A beach umbrella will offer shade and protect you completely from the sun burn effects of the sun. You can still enjoy your time at the beach while you relax under a beach umbrella.

Step 5

Do not spend more than a few hours in the sun each time you go to the beach. Most beach sunburns are caused by spending a whole or half day under the sun. Many people do not think about their skin and just lay on their beach towel the whole day. This causes more sun burn damage than good.

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