How to Prepare for a Camping Trip


Camping Trip          So you are going on a camping trip. A camping trip is a great family bonding experience. You are out in the wilderness like man has been for millions of years and can enjoy nature together. Camping trips can bring a family closer together because it makes them feel like they are working towards a common goal of surviving in the wilderness. Follow the steps below to prepare for a camping trip with friends or family.

Step 1

Decide on the camping location for your camping trip. The best and safest camping locations are at designated camping sites. These are the places that should be considered for your trip. It is not recommended to choose a random location in the wilderness for your camping trip in the off chance that you may get lost. Camping sites may be able to offer maps of the area with trail locations listed. In addition some camp sites have public restroom facilities near the entrances to the camp so you will have access to those as well.

Step 2

Wilderness Survival PotPrepare your cooking materials for the camping trip. You should bring a cooking pot, some knives and forks, a can opener, and some plastic containers to eat out of. Do not bring plates that can break. You can eat out of the containers.

Step 3

Prepare the foods for your camping trip. You may be able to fish and rummage for some of your food near the camping site but the majority of it you will have to bring from home for the camping trip weekend. The best types of foods to bring are canned goods that can be easily stored, opened, and cooked in a pot atop the campsite fire. Of course you must bring marshmallows, gram crackers, and chocolate to make smores. Also bring lots of dried fruits, nuts, and snacks like granola bars. These are quick easy food sources that do not spoil.

Step 4

Get your tents ready. Buy enough tents for as many people as on your trip unless there are a few who will be sharing them. Buy good quality, easily assembled tents that protect against the wind and rain. In addition to tents you will each need quality sleeping bags. The best sleeping bags are military style sleeping bags that can protect you from temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Determine any other supplies you may need to help anchor the tents such as rope and pack those as well.

Step 5

Pack a first aid kit, flashlights with extra batteries, and fire starting material. Magnesium flint sticks, large magnifying glasses to focus the sun’s rays, and matches are all great to have along with you in order to start the campfires you will need to cook your food and keep warm. You may also want to bring some old newspapers to use as kindling to help start your campfires.

Step 6

Water for CampingBring many bottles or jugs of water for the trip.

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