How to Survive the Apocalypse or a Large Natural Disaster


Natural Disaster apocalypse          So you are worried about a natural disaster happening. With all the talk of the Apocalypse and 2012 etc., some people are worried about what they would do during a large disaster. There are always threats to human civilization. They have been around for millions of years. Floods, asteroids, volcanoes, and ice ages have already affected humanity in the past. The possibility always exists that they may cause damage to us in the future as well. Don’t fret there are some steps you could take to increase your odds of survival in any natural disaster.

Step 1

Natural Disaster WaterKeep a large stock of bottled water, non perishable canned food and vitamins in your basement. In the event that a disaster should occur so quickly that you do not have enough time to flee your home then you will need as many necessities as you can get.

Step 2

Keep several flashlights, preferably the ones that you need to shake in order to use the light these do not require battery power as you may run out of batteries during the disaster. You should also keep a few battery powered ones with a large supply of batteries.

Step 3

Keep some standard multipurpose tools in the basement in the event you are locked down in the basement if you cannot move outside due to radiation or bad air quality during the disaster.

Step 4

Survival HomeIf you have enough financial resources and live near the coast it might be a good idea to own a small house very far inland from your location. During a disaster ocean levels may rise and flood out coastal cities. Having a place for your family inland may be the only way to survive.

Step 5

Start learning survival techniques from now. You will need to compile some research so that when a disaster does happen you will be able to learn how to survive. Buy some books on survival and keep them with you in the event a disaster should happen.

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