Adopt a Puppy or Cat


Adopt a puppy          So you have decided to adopt a puppy or cat. Congratulations, there are thousands of homeless animals out there in need of loving families to take care of them. Luckily there are easy ways to adopt animals these days. Adopting a dog or cat will add a valuable new member to your family that your children will be able to grow older with and enjoy. Follow these steps to bring home a new puppy or cat.

Step 1

Adopt a CatFigure out what type of pet you want to adopt whether it be a dog or cat. Determine whether you want a grown one or a baby. Make a list of your possible choices, or your top five. Have your family decide on this together so that everyone is involved. This will make all the kids feel like they are involved in the process and will also make them feel more responsible towards taking care of the animal if they are involved in all the decisions.

Step 2

Find a local animal shelter with dog and cats for adoption. You can look in the phonebook for one in your area if you have not seen any in your city or town. Most cities these days have animal shelters with pets available for adoption. You may want to visit several adoption centers before rushing into a decision.

Step 3

Animal adoption shelter onlineIf you cannot locate an animal adoption shelter look online for one. There are websites on the internet that review local shelters for dogs and cats. Some of these websites also allow you to search specifically for the type of animal you want including the breed, size, sex, color, and age. You can prescreen shelters in your area for the types of animals you want or you can choose to adopt a puppy or cat based on first sight in the shelter.

Step 4

Prepare your home for your new pet before you go down to the shelter to adopt your dog or cat. Purchase necessary food, toys, and other products for your new pet. Prepare the house for a new pet if you have not already done so. This means cleaning up unnecessary clutter that may harm the puppy or cat as he or she runs around the house.

Step 5

Go to the shelter you researched to pick up your animal. Ask the shelter workers whether your new pet has any special requirements or any ailments that need special attention.

Step 6

It is best when adopting a new dog or cat to bring them to the animal vet for a checkup when you first get them. This is to ensure that your new animal is healthy and will give you piece of mind to start off on a clean slate.

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