How to Buy the Best Cat Food


          Food for your cat is one of the most important aspects of your pet’s life and survival. You want to make sure that you are feeding them the proper cat food in order that they lead a healthy and happy life. There is an ongoing debate on what the best cat food is for your cat, such as weather you should feed them dry or wet mixture. But there are some basic tenets you need to follow to improve your pet cat’s health. The average life span of a healthy well fed pet cat can be up to 15 years or more. You want to make sure you feed your cat healthily enough to help increase their lifespan. Follow the tips below to get your cat the best cat food.

Step 1

Put the dry, wet cat food debate to bed. The benefits of dry cat food are that they help strengthen the jaw muscles of the cat from the chewing and they also increase the oral hygiene of the cat by helping to remove plaque from the cat’s teeth from the scraping action of the dry food against the tooth. However moist cat food is generally tastier to the cat and provides much more water and is easier to digest for the cat. Since both dry and wet cat food have different benefits for your pet cat many people recommend to feed them some kind of mixture between the two foods. Perhaps feed them dry food for lunch and wet for dinner. Or you can mix dry food in with the wet food and do combinations.

Step 2

Review the different formulations of cat foods to determine which ones have the best nutritional content for your cat. Since cat foods are combinations of many different types of foods with different vitamins and minerals it is best to research each individual brand as well as try different brands of food so your cat doesn’t get bored. Dry cat food also called kibble comes in the form of combinations of fish, beef, and lamb. More so than in dogs, experts recommend that cats get fed more of a wet food diet in order to get enough water in their systems for their kidneys to function properly.

Step 3

Review the different brands of cat foods. There are many different top brands of cat foods including Wellness, Natural Balance, Whiskas, and Fancy Feast on the market. Each one brings something different to the table. For example Wellness brand cat food contains either brown rice or no grains in their formulations. Natural Balance cat formula has a lot of protein rich sources in its food including chicken pieces, chicken broth, salmon, and chicken liver. Some Fancy Feast brands of cat food don’t have glutens, or other harmful byproducts for your pet cat.

Step 4

Whatever brand you buy look for cat food formulas that have a few different types of protein sources in the food. Preferably mix in some seafood based cat food into your cat’s diet to get the Omega 3 Fatty acids from the fish in the cat’s diet. Omega 3’s are anti inflammatory and reduce your cat’s risk of cancers, heart problems and atherosclerosis. Also do not feed the cat a solely dry food based diet. Too much dry cat food and your cat will may have kidney issues due to dehydration if it doesn’t also drink enough water.

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