How to Buy the Best Dog Food


Pet Dog Food          So you may have just purchased a new puppy or grown dog that you need to take care of and are unsure as to what to feed him or her. Or maybe you have been feeding your dog too much human food and need to transition back onto dog food. Either way there are so many different types of dog food on the market and choosing the best one is a difficult task. Some brands claim to be the best dog food in their marketing but you need to research a little deeper than that into what is healthy for your dog. Follow the tips below to help you choose the best dog food for your precious pet.

Step 1

Choose between dry and wet dog food mixtures. There is no consensus as to which is the best choice for dogs as this debate has raged on for decades. Dry dog food can help to scrape some plaque off the teeth of the canine as he or she chews on the food. It is also a good workout for the dog’s mouth muscles because it is more difficult to chew on dry food. However wet food provides much more moisture content and is easier to digest, making the animal require less water consumption. It is a difficult choice and many agree that some kind of combination of wet and dry food is best for dogs. Luckily dog’s will eat almost anything and are very versatile in what they can chew. You can either feed them wet and dry food on separate days or at different times of the day. Some people even mix the two together in the same feeding bowl.

Step 2

Wet Dog Food Review the pros and cons of the wet versus dry campaign. Dry food does not spoil as easily and can last for must longer periods of time. Wet dog food on the other hand can rot and needs to be eaten soon after opening. So it is cheaper to use dry dog food. If you are on a budget you can cycle in more dry food into the dog’s diet.

Step 3

Type of dog food ingredients should also be a concern when purchasing dog food. Since different brands add different mixtures to their dog foods it is important to cycle between different brands so that the dog gets different types of nutrients in their diet. If you just stick with one particular brand and one formulation your dog will get bored as will its body. For example Orijen which is said to be one of the top dog food brands makes dog food that contains combinations of turkey, chicken, salmon which has Omega 3’s, potatoes for carbohydrates, and various fruits and herbs. It is one of the more expensive brands. Other brands such as Natural Balance prefer to use rice, oats, and barely for their carbohydrate sources. Be wary of marketing hype which purports things such as Healthy Dog Food, Natural Dog Food, or Premium Dog food. One brands regular dog food may be much more nutritious than another brand’s premium dog food. You must look deeper into what the ingredients are and what is found in each dog food as well as what types of vitamins and minerals it may be fortified with. Be less concerned with the title of the food as with what is in the dog meal. In other words do your research on each brand. Just as you would read the back labels of a cereal box to determine which one is the healthiest one you have to do the same with dog foods. Dogs are animals just like humans and we both need similar types of nutrients, omega 3 fatty acids and the like in our diets. So pay closer attention to the type of dog food you buy in order to feed your dog the best dog food.

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