How to Buy Dog Treats


          Dog treats are used as rewards for your pet dog for good behavior and are useful as ways to punish negative behavior by rewarding its opposite behavior. There are many different types of dog treats that you can buy for your pet dog made of different foods, organic or not, homemade or processed. It can be difficult to filter through all the different types of dog treats out on the market today. Read some of the dog treat information below to help filter through the different dog treats out there available to you.

Step 1

There has been a big push in the recent years for pet owners to purchase gourmet dog treats. Gourmet dog treats are generally dog treats made of higher quality than normal food stuffs. Gourmet dog treats are typically made of human grade food. They typically contain no preservatives or fillers. They can be wheat free or gluten free. More care and preparation is put into gourmet dog treats than regular treats and as a result they tend to be much more expensive than regular treats. If you are a dog owner on a budget then gourmet dog treats are not for you. However you can treat your dog a couple times of year, maybe during its birthday by taking him or her to a gourmet dog treat store and buying them whatever they want.

Step 2

Another type of dog treat is the healthy dog treat. Healthy dog treats are treats made of healthy food such as dehydrated sweet potatoes. These treats generally provide some good nutritional value for your pet dog. Other examples of healthy dog treats include baby carrots and dried chicken strips. Many dogs actually like eating carrots because they are crunchy. Many healthy dog treats can be homemade dog treats as well. You can search the internet for recipes for healthy homemade dog treats and make batches yourself that you can store for your pet dog.

Step 3

Natural and organic dog treats are very popular these days with the whole no preservative health fad going on in the world. Sometimes natural is used synonymously with the word organic dog treat but they may not necessarily be the same thing. Organic dog treats are treats made of natural foods found in nature that are not processed. To be termed organic the dog treat must be free of preservatives and free of pesticides. It must use all natural ingredients and is generally healthier for your pet dog.

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