How to Buy Fish Food for a Pet Fish


          Congratulations if you have just bought your first pet fish. Fish are fun pets that can supply years of entertainment. There are many different types of fish as well as different ways to take care of them. Fish have a varied diet in the wild in freshwaters or oceans, however pet fish food can seem to be less varied. There are many different brands of fish food out there. Learn a little bit about the different types before purchasing.

Step 1

The standard type of most popular fish food is flake fish food. Flake fish food is usually made of dry small flakes that float at the top of the fish tank when you put them in the water. After a while the flakes may settle to the bottom of the tank. Some fish that live near the surface of their home waters prefer to feed at the surface like goldfish. These are the perfect fish to feed flaky food too. There are also pellet form fish food. Pellet fish food generally lasts longer than flaky fish food as it has more integrity. It does not dissolve as quickly nor cloudy up the water in the fish tank as much. However some fish may be more particular to the flake food. So you can experiment with your pet fish and review which ones they prefer.

Step 2

There are also live fish food options which are not common nor easy to buy or store compared to flake fish food. However they can be used occasionally to change things up or if you want to give your fish a special treat. Examples of live fish food include micro worms and brine shrimp. You may be able to purchase these at your local pet store. Be sure to find out first if your type of pet fish can eat the live food and if so what type it is able to eat. You can also buy dried sheets of algae for some species of fish to eat. Algae is very nutritious and well balanced in its vitamin and mineral content.

Step 3

You can buy fish food from pet stores that sell fish or from online sources. Review the internet for fish food coupons or discounts. Sometimes you can get discounts on fish food by buying in bulk. Usually they come in small cylindrical containers with a few holes on top to dispense the fish food. But you can buy refill fish food in bulk to save money and use it to refill your fish food dispenser. No matter what type of fish food you buy make sure you check with either the pet store or the back label to make sure your type of pet fish will eat the food. Also find out how many times and how much food you should feed your fish. If you continually overfeed your fish it could die, in addition if you do not feed it enough it will be malnourished.

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