How to Buy Natural Dog Food


Natural Dog Food          Natural dog food is an ambiguous term. Natural can refer to organic or can refer to dog food that does not have any glutens or pesticides in it. It can also refer to preservative free dog food. When searching for proper dog food there are many different types out there: gluten free, natural, premium, etc. It can be hard to decipher what is important for your animal. There are a few rules of thumb you can review to find good quality healthy food for your dog.

Step 1

Look for preservative free dog food. Dog food that says preservative free on the label does not have any chemical preservatives in it that help to keep the food from spoiling. These chemicals are many times harmful to the dog’s body just in the same way as preservatives are not good for the human body either. It is best to find a brand that is preservative free when buying natural dog food.

Step 2

When reviewing brands look for dog food that has all natural labels on it. All natural means that the sources of meat protein used are real meat. In addition the grains or carbohydrates used are derived from all natural grain sources. There is nothing synthetic about where the food comes from.

Step 3

Some of the brands that offer natural dog food include Nature’s Variety, Solid Gold, Innova, and Holistic Blend. Among other dog food companies they offer dog food that is made from all natural meats and grains with no preservatives in them. When in doubt it is best to double check the dog food you buy by reading the ingredients list on the back label. If you see anything that is a preservative or many different types of chemicals then that is a red flag that the product may not be all that it is advertised to be.

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