How to Buy a Pet Turtle


Pet Turtle          Turtles can make great little pets. Turtles are reptiles with hard shells over their bodies protecting them. They range in sizes, colors, and types but are very similar in their mannerisms. Pet turtles are cold blooded animals which means their internal body temperatures vary with the external environment temperature. It is illegal to sell turtles in the United States that are smaller than 4 inches. If you are looking to buy a pet turtle follow the steps below to help you.

Step 1

Learn the different types of pet turtles available. One of the most popular pet turtles is the red-eared slider. Red-eared sliders can grow up to 10 inches. Red-eared sliders should be kept in quality water that is changed or filtered often. Box turtles and snapping turtles are also popular. Snapping turtles have powerful jaws that clamp shut aggressively hence the name given them. Snapping turtles can live up to 50 years. Pet snapping turtles are aggressive out of the water and will snap at anything put in front of them.

Step 2

Turtle FoodOnce you purchase your pet turtle, learn the different types of food you must feed it. Each type of turtle has slightly different feeding requirements so you should consult with the pet store salesman about the food it will require. Most turtles should be fed a combination of turtle pet food or natural food that they may eat in their habitat. Pet turtles can eat a wide variety of natural foods depending on the type of turtle such as carrots, squash, dandelion flowers, petunias and cabbage. For omnivorous turtles that also eat protein sources you can also feed them such things as worms, snails, and crickets.

Step 3

Buy a home for your pet turtle. A pet turtle tank or pet turtle aquarium is the main habitat for your pet turtle. It is recommended that you purchase one or the other for your pet turtle. A pet turtle tank is a tank that may or may not have water in it depending on whether you have a land turtle or an aquatic turtle. Pet turtle aquariums have water in them for the turtle that need to swim around. Land turtles usually need tanks that are large enough for the turtle to move around and exercise. You can find links online for different pet turtle tanks and pet turtle aquariums to review. One of the rules of thumb for getting a pet turtle aquarium is to get a size based on 10 gallons per inch of turtle shell. So many tanks are over 50 gallons in size. If you buy an aquarium tank for your pet turtle then you should buy a filter for that tank. A pet turtle aquarium water filter is essential at keeping the water clean.

Step 4

Turtle toys are an added addition to your turtle tank. Turtle toys can be purchased at your local pet turtle store. In addition you can buy many turtle toys online. There are many different types of turtle toys. Make sure you keep the habitat in the tank as comfortable for the turtle as possible. This means keeping the tank at the proper temperature during the day and at night. This also means keeping the turtle tank water at the proper PH free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

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