How to Buy the Right Aquarium


          Aquariums are the environment your fish are going to live in and thrive for years to come. So you want to make sure that you do a good job choosing the right aquarium and sizing it properly for your needs. There are many different aquarium brand manufacturers out on the market to review however there are a few standard things that you should look for. The better sized your aquarium for your application the better your fish will thrive.

Step 1

Keep in mind that the larger the aquarium you purchase, the heavier it will be when filled with water. Keep these weights in mind when reviewing an aquarium tank for your needs. A 3 gallon tank will displace around 33 pounds of water. A 10 gallon tank will be over 100 pounds. As you can see the larger the tank the higher the need for placing it in one standard location and not moving it.

Step 2

What size aquarium tank do you need for your fish? There are many different ideas and answers to this question. When in doubt the bigger the better. Because there is nothing worse for the life of your fish than keeping them crammed in a fish tank that is sized too small. There are many different rules of thumb for correct aquarium sizing. For example one popular one is the requirement of a couple of gallons of tank for each inch in size of your fish. Also some people say you need 10 gallons for each fish you have in the tank. Fish can be kept in smaller sizes of course however it will greatly hamper their life span and probably be uncomfortable for them to thrive if you undersize their fish tank sizes.

Step 3

What type of aquarium do you want to purchase? Well there are different aquariums based on temperature. So you will need to determine what type of fish you are going to purchase. Are you purchasing tropical fish from tropical climates or temperate fish. Temperate water aquariums are aquariums that are also called cold water aquariums because the water temperature can be as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Tropical aquariums are usually kept at warm tropical water temperatures. However the difference is usually that these aquariums are kept at a temperature that is very steady throughout the year such as within just a few degrees of variation. These aquariums need to be very temperature controlled because the tropical fish you will be keeping in them can only survive in a very short temperature range.

Step 4

Review the construction of the fish tanks you are going to buy and familiarize yourself with the different fish tank materials. The non glass aquariums are made of acrylic plastic. Acrylic plastic is a strong lightweight plastic that is see through. This is the type of material used in the regular small plastic fish tanks you normally purchase. The non plastic fish tanks and aquariums are made of glass glued together at the seams with silicone. Glass tanks can be prone to cracking when old or when loaded beyond their stress points or hit. Acrylic does not have these drawbacks. However some claim that glass aquarium tanks have a much more professional feel and are clearer to see through. Whatever tank you choose make sure you adhere to the right temperature and water quality for the fish that you are going to put into the tank.

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