Clean Fish Bowl


          If you have bought a pet fish for the first time and are unsure how to care for him do not fear. Any new pet can be confusing. How much do you feed it, how often do you change its water, are there any special care instructions. It can be confusing. There are many different ways to clean a fish bowl depending upon what type and size of bowl you have. There are manual ways and automatic ways to clean the water in your fish bowl or aquarium. Follow the tips below to find the proper way to clean your pet fish’s bowl.

Step 1

If you have a regular small fish bowl you will need to change your fish’s water manually. Since small fish bowls for one or two goldfish are small enough to clean yourself you do not need any fancy types of filtration systems. Now you will have to clean or change the water in your fish tank from time to time in order to get rid of the stagnant polluted water since your fish bowl does not have its own filtration system like the fancy, more expensive aquariums. You will have to manually change the water out yourself. In order to do this you should have another bowl handy filled with water so that you can transfer your pet fish into that bowl while you are busy emptying out its home bowl and refilling it with fresh de-chlorinated water. The best way to do this is to purchase one of those small fish net scoops from your local pet store.

Step 2

Scoop out your fish with your net and put it into the interim bowl filled with water. Once your pet fish is in the water take the old bowl and empty its contents into the toilet and flush them down. After this is done you should take your old bowl and rinse it out in the sink. Also you will want to use a fresh sponge with antibacterial soap and wash the inside of the bowl. After this is done rinse out the bowl with water. Refill the bowl with de-chlorinated water. Let the air bubbles settle. Now you are ready to transfer your pet fish back into its bowl. Using the net scoop your fish out of the interim bowl and put it back in the freshly filled fish bowl. Your pet goldfish is will now thrive in the fresh water environment.

Step 3

If you have one of the larger style aquarium tanks, then you should most likely purchase a filter system for the aquarium. Since most aquarium tanks are larger than 10 gallons it will be too difficult to filter out the water all the time yourself. In these instances a pump system with a water filter will do the job for you. You can inquire about such systems when you first purchase your aquarium and buy one with a filter system already in place.

Step 4

For your small fish bowl scenario it is best to clean the fish bowl at least once a week. This ensures that your pet goldfish does not spend too much time in over polluted water.

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