How to Buy a Ferret


Pet Ferret          Ferrets are carnivorous mammals of about 20 inches in length with long tails. They can weigh up to 4 or 5 pounds. They are usually brown in color and can live up to 10 years. Contrary to popular belief they can make excellent pets. Ferrets can spend more than 14 hours a day sleeping so they are not awake most of the time. They sleep in cycles of up to 6 hours apart. When they are awake they are very active and energetic. They also love social groups so they socialize well with other ferrets as well as humans and are very playful. If you are looking for a fun, playful pet that sleeps in its cage most of the day then look no further than the ferret. Read below for tips on how to buy a pet ferret.

Step 1

Having ferrets as pets is still illegal in some states and requires a permit in others. In most states in the US owning a ferret is legal. In some countries it is still illegal to own ferrets as pets such as in Australia, Iceland, and Portugal. Before considering a ferret as a pet you should review the laws in your state and country to see if owning a pet ferret is even legal where you live.

Step 2

Call up your local pet stores to enquire about ferrets and whether they are sold. If they are, ask them if their ferrets are neutered or spayed. Most pet ferrets are spayed or neutered in the United States.

Step 3

Determine if you can handle the musky odor that ferrets produce. Ferrets produce a musky odor that some people find overpowering while most do not. Try to visit other ferret owners to see if their ferret's smells are bothersome to you. If not then you should have no problem getting a pet ferret. You can also visit ferrets in the pet store and see if the smell bothers you. You can get ferrets that are de-scented which means they have their scent glands removed. However research shows that ferrets will still have that musky odor with their glands removed so it will not make much of a difference.

Step 4

Ferret CageYou may want to purchase ferrets in pairs because they are such social animals. It will be good for you to have more than one pet ferret in the cage so they can play with each other. Ask the pet store if they offer discounts for buying in pairs or multiple ferrets. Maybe they can give you a price break if you buy more than one.

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