How to Buy Aquarium Plants


          Aquarium plants or fish tank plants can greatly enhance any aquarium and are beneficial to any pet fish you have in your aquarium. Aquarium plants are not expensive and are perfect additions to your home aquarium or fish bowl. There are many different types of aquarium plants such as freshwater aquarium plants, artificial aquarium plants, plastic aquarium plants, and tropical aquarium plants. Depending on the type, aquarium plants can add vital oxygen to your fish bowl increasing the oxygen for your pet fish or they can just provide substance to the micro fish environment. If you are confused about the different types of aquarium plants out there and want to buy some aquatic plants then follow the tips below to help you choose which fish tank plants to buy.

Step 1

Freshwater aquarium plants such as Java moss and anarcharis can be very helpful and have the best effects on fish life in fish bowls or aquariums. Freshwater fish plants will absorb some of the carbon dioxide that the fish expels as it breathes. This will increase the ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the water creating a much healthier environment for the pet fish to survive and live longer. Freshwater aquarium plants can be anchored to the ground in a fish tank by using a rock or gravel to weigh down the base or roots of the plant so that it is anchored. Moss is pretty easy to anchor. The aquarium plants will also provide natural barriers for the fish to swim through and around. It will make the aquarium environment match more closely the real environment the pet fish experience in real life. In addition since the plants use the nitrates produced in the fish’s waste they also help remove some of the waste and will thrive in that environment.

Step 2

Artificial aquarium plants or plastic aquarium plants are plants that are made of plastic and shaped and colored like the real plants fish would see in their natural environments. These aquarium plants provide no beneficial oxygen or carbon dioxide scavenging ability to the fish bowl microenvironment. They are only for asthetics to make the aquarium look pretty and to provide something for the fish to swim around. If possible it is best to purchase a real fish tank plant not a plastic synthetic plant. However the plastic aquarium plants do last much longer than real aquarium plants and require barely any upkeep compared to their natural counterparts.

Step 3

Upkeep your fish tank plants and watch out for algae bloom. You will need to take care of your fish tank plants just as you would normal plants. They will grow long and out of the water of the fish tank. This means you may have to periodically review and cut the excess off the plant to keep its growth in check. In addition, the plants will need some light during the days for photosynthesis. This is usually no problem for fish tanks kept in a room of the house. Algae bloom can be caused by excess nitrates in the water from the waste of the fish which act as a fertilizer for plants including algae. You will notice this when algae start blooming like crazy. You can help prevent this by doing more frequent water changes to help remove more nitrate from the fish tank water.

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