How to Buy a Bird Cage


Buy Bird Cage          Bird cages are the perfect environment for your new pet bird. Whether you just purchased a parakeet, cockatoo, canary, or any other type of pet bird you will need a bird cage to keep the bird housed and living a long life. There are many different types of bird cages on the market. You will need to know what type of cage to buy with which type of bird, the correct size to purchase, as well as how to furnish the cage. Read the advice below on how to buy the right bird cage.

Step 1

Buy Parakeet Figure out the general shape and size of cage you want based on what type of bird. Generally the more active the bird the larger the size of the cage it needs. For example parakeets need some of the largest bird cages. Their cages are typically rectangular in shape and large in size because parakeets are very active birds that move around, hop, and fly within the cage. They generally need more room than other species of pet birds. Canary cages on the other hand are generally smaller than parakeet cages. Also they can be circular cylindrical in shape with a dome on top instead of rectangular. Canary like to sing and do not move around as much and are not as physically active as parakeets so their needs are different. Parrot cages on the other hand are rectangular and usually taller. They are generally large but not necessarily as large lengthwise as parakeet cages. Parrots are tall birds and so need more space height wise than other pet birds.

Step 2

Review the material selection of the bird cage manufacturer. There are a couple of options. Many cages are made of some type of stainless steel which is naturally more resistant to corrosion. They may or may not be coated with some type of anti corrosive coating to make the cage last longer and not rust. Other cages have wires made of steel and coated in a plastic to help protect the wires.

Step 3

Consider a custom bird cage. Custom bird cages are cages made personally to your specifications. You can find custom bird cage builders online as well as bird cage reviews or through word of mouth at pet stores. Custom bird cage builders will ask you what type of bird you want, the type and size of the cage, what type of accessories you want as well as other questions. You can be creative with your custom bird cage. You can determine on your own how many branch perches you want in the cage or how many cage openings you want. Also you can determine the shape of the cage or have an oversized cage made to give your pet parakeet or canary more room. Generally custom bird cages are more expensive to manufacture because much personalization and care is put into their creation however the satisfaction of getting a personalized cage made to your specifications might be worth it. This can come in handy if your pet bird is sick and you need some special modifications to help him or her out.

Step 4

Learn what kind of accessories you want in your bird cage. Bird cage accessories range from perches, to feeders, to water bins, to play rings, to mirrors and more. Mirrors are important for single birds in the cage so they feel like they have another bird in the cage to play with by playing with their reflection. Rings are great for parakeets and active birds. They like to chew on the rings and also perch their feet on them and hang from them getting a great workout. Water bins and feeders can be determined at your discretion but usually cages have one of each. Some cages have two separate seed feeders. One can be used for bird seed and the other for fruit or other bird snacks. This all depends on how many birds you have in the cage. The more pet birds you have the more feeders and water bins you can safely use in your cage.

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