How to Buy Cat Scratching Posts


          Cat scratching posts are posts usually made of wood with a tough fabric wrapped around them that are used by pet cats to scratch upon with their nails. If you are tired of your pet cat tearing up your furniture with its claws then you should consider buying a cat scratching post. Cat scratching posts are great ways for your cat to get out its urges to scratch without damaging your precious upholstery, couches, furniture, or carpet. Cats have a natural tendency to scratch as they do in the wild. Scratching helps to sharpen and file their claws. Also it is something cats do like other animals to mark their territory and attach their scent signals to objects or places. Even though a pet cat is domesticated it does not just lose this natural instinct and must satisfy this urge somehow. So providing a cat scratching post is a good way to deter your cat or kitten from making a mess of the house furniture. Since there are different options for cat scratching posts follow the advice below to help you determine what you need to buy.

Step 1

Review the different styles of cat scratching posts. There are different shapes of cat scratching posts that will vary in the way that a cat uses them to scratch. For example the standard post is usually 2 to 3 feet in height and is circular of a certain diameter like a cylinder. Other cat scratching posts are not round and are rectangular in nature. They can be built up in groups to make some kind of scratching home that is larger than a post where a cat can walk up on and scratch all its paws at the same time.

Step 2

No matter what its shape style, cat scratching posts are usually designed as a base wood with a rough fabric covering them. The fabric has to be rough enough that when the cat scratches it repeatedly over the months and years it will not tear apart. The fabric can be anything, but common cat scratching post fabrics are made of sisal rope which is a tough fabric rope that can take a beating without tearing. The thicker the rope you get such as 3/8’s of an inch will be able to handle more punishment. Thinner rope will tear more quickly and will not last too long on the post.

Step 3

No matter which cat scratching post you buy you will need one with a strong and steady base so that when the cat leans over it to scratch he or she will not tip over. Typically, cats will sprawl their bodies on the post and use their front paws to scratch it. You also need to think about how you can train your pet cat to properly use its cat scratching post and stop scratching at your furniture. There are different ways to accomplish this. You can use a cat treat reward system where you punish negative behavior from scratching on furniture and give the cat a treat when it uses the post to scratch. Also what you can do is when you spot your cat scratching on furniture take the cat and place it in its scratching post pen so that it then starts scratching the cat scratching post. If you keep doing this every time you see your cat scratching your furniture then you might be able to revert its behavior to start using the scratching post instead.

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